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Production with Digital Media

Shamans of Rock and Roll: Feature length Documentary, Warrior Priestess, Patrice Hall

Warrior Games: 13 Part Doc Series – APTN – Kwassen Productions Inc.

Aftermeth: TV Documentary – KNOW – Eva Wunderman/Wunderman Film Inc.

Blood Relative: Mumbai's Forgotten Children  - KNOW –TV Documentary Nimisha Mukerji/Shotglass Productions Inc.

Michael Buble’s 3rd Annual Christmas Special for Chanci Ventures Inc for NBC, CTV.

Larry’s Bike: a feature length drama - creator Kirk Lawton

Pie: a 6 part dramatic anthology series – creator Richard Paris

Being Hindu

Undefeated Intimate Portraits of Parkinsons

Once Were Enemies

Hattie's Heist (1/2 hour drama)

Aftermeth: A Family Story, Docu-series > View Official Site

Blood Relative > View Trailer

Michael Buble: Home for the Holidays > View Clip

Variety: The Children's Charity Show of Hearts Telethon 2013

Jibber Jabber - 13 part, CGI animation series for YTV

TV Match UP - 6 part, Hosted instudio series for TVtropolis

Crystal Fear, Crystal Clear - 60 minute documentary, Passionate Eye/CBC Newsworld